Steep Rock Honey

Limited edition artisanal honey.

from Washington, Connecticut. | To order our honey please contact us at or call us at 860-868-9131

Our Proceeds Support The Trails

Steep Rock Honey is a non-profit project created by a group of trustees and friends of Steep Rock Association who love bees and care about Steep Rock.

Honey is like fine wine, and flowers are our grapes.

Honey Bee

Each batch contains pollens and nectars of the forage within three miles of the hive. And since each vintage or appellation has its own unique microclimate, soil, and flora, you can enjoy and compare the unique flavor of each terroir, just as you would do in a wine.


Just as our bees recycle nectar into honey, we believe in reusing and recycling our packaging.

We use recycled boxes and paper to pack our products and invite our customers to recycle these boxes yet again.

Empty bottles may be returned to the Steep Rock Association office at 116 Christian St, New Preston, CT for reuse.

Upcycle! See fan-favorite new uses for our bottles on our Facebook page.

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