We currently maintain hives in seven locations in the Town of Washington. Each location has its own microclimate, soil and flora. Do sample them all!

Macricostas Preserve

Wildflower wetlands with plenty of milkweed, a few catalpa trees and a bit of purple loosestrife.

Lake Waramaug

Nestled into a wildflower meadow along the lakeshore. Characterized by Joe-Pye weed, echinacea and pond lily.

West Church Hill Road

An open farm meadow with grasses, wildflowers and goldenrod.

Nichols Hill Road

Large open meadows overlooking the Steep Rock preserve. Characterized by a mature linden tree and several catalpa trees.

Hidden Valley Preserve

Open meadows along the Shepaug River. Distinguished by catalpa, linden and black locust trees in the spring; lavender bushes, clover and wildflowers in the summer with a fall goldenrod bloom.

Plumb Hill Road

A high, windy hay meadow with many Russian olive trees and numerous wildflowers.

Shearer Road

Open meadows and forests proximate to the Hidden Valley Preserve.

Calhoun Street

New Hive. First batch to arrive in 2016.