What is raw honey?

Raw honey is not pasteurized, processed or filtered and retains the pollen, enzymes and nutrients believed to provide health benefits.

My honey is starting to crystallize or harden in the bottle. What does that mean?

It’s perfectly normal for honey to crystallize and does not mean that the quality of the honey has changed. Crystallization is natural and does not affect a honey’s flavor. Honey is least likely to crystallize if stored at room temperature. To re-liquefy your honey, stand the closed bottle in a container of warm (not boiling) water for about 20 minutes or run under a hot tap. The honey will gently liquefy.

How should I store my honey?

Store your honey at room temperature. Even after opening, you do not need to refrigerate the honey.

What is the shelf life of honey?

When properly sealed and stored, honey never spoils! Pots of edible honey have been uncovered after thousands of years in Egyptian tombs. However, honey—unlike wine—tastes better during its first few years.

Is Steep Rock Honey organic?

Steep Rock Honey is 100% natural, unprocessed and unfiltered. It is raw, and by its very nature is organic, but it is not certified “organic”. There are no certified organic honeys in the continental United States. Even though we do not use pesticides, our bees fly within three miles of their hives and can travel to a neighboring field that may have been sprayed.

Where can I bring my bottles back for reuse or recycling?

Empty honey bottles can be returned to the Steep Rock Association offices at 2 Green Hill Road in Washington Depot for reuse and recycling.